Repeal Day Soirée (1930’s Costume Party)

Repeal Day Soirée

1930’s Costume Party  Sponsored by Drambuie


WHEN:        9:00 PM – 12:00 AM on December 5th, 2013

WHERE:    Firehouse Lounge at 605 Brazos St., Austin, TX 78701

ADMISSION:    $5.00 or FREE with Password at the Bookcase


Come Dapper, Flapper, and Night-Capper! Jump in the jalopy with your doll and your pal and head on down to the Firehouse Lounge. Every dame in town knows it’s all the cat’s meow, so be sure to wear your best 1930’s costume out. On December 5th, we’ll celebrate the end of Prohibition and if you know the password, you get FREE Admission! What could be more of a Bootlegger’s dream than an underground Repeal Day Soirée sponsored by Drambuie with all the esteem?

Join your hostess with the mostess, Vaude Villa with Who Said Vaudeville Was Dead?, she’ll be singing and tap dancing like Ginger and Fred. Avant Glam stars Roxie Moxie and Sassy Delure will entertain you for sure, with burlesque and performance in vintage couture. Dapper Dames are gaining fame with their flapper routine, you’ll see that they make quite the pip team. The World’s Most Daring Sword Swallower will surely make you holler! Erin Freeman will sing you a song that won’t steer you wrong. The Great DJ Gatsby will be turning on the mix with tunes to meet your dancing fix. And special guests will have you wondering “What could possibly be next?”.

Now listen up, cause here’s the catch, that is if you want us to lift the latch. You’ve gotta be keen, you know what I mean? To get yourself behind the bookshelf, remember the Password is “Alabaster” to get you in faster. And keep it on your kisser and yes, we mean at a whisper.  For if you come to the door and you don’t know for sure, you’re a paying a $5 dollar spot and we won’t budge if you holler. You know it’s just as well that we keep it swanky and swell for the Repeal Day Soirée that’s sure to compel. Abyssinia on December 5th, so don’t miss it!

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